I’ve spent months, probably years, saving and storing all those old cds and disks just on the off chance that one day, maybe one day, I’ll come up with a cunning plan as to how to use them…

Hurray! That day has arrived – I’ve worked out a design that uses pieces of vintage and retro fabric AND the dreaded pile of disks.

I’m ever-so-slightly proud to introduce these dinky little sewing kits…

The disks are covered with the fabric and make up the base which means it’s more sturdy and durable.  I’ve got a few more to make up but will share instructions very soon.

Sewing Kits

Drawstring Dolly bags

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Just getting started…

How weird!  My very first blog…

And suddenly I feel very exposed and a little shy but, up and at it…!

I am the creator/owner of a tiny craft company called Vintage Revisited which is basically my collection of pretty, handcrafted items that re-use, re-cycle and re-create gorgeous vintage-style bits and pieces.  All the items are either unique or part of a very small run.

Self-employed for years, Vintage Revisited was initially set up to supplement to my “proper” job as a Theatre Marketer (though how “playing dress-up” counts as a proper job is anyone’s guess!) but it has now taken over as the mainstay and driving force of my day – and, I love it!

I’m hoping that this blog will play a part in allowing me to share some great crafting and recycling ideas (occasionally my own but on the whole, other people’s) and give me an opportunity to diarise my life as a self-employed, single mother who dabbles in bits and pieces…

Doesn’t sound too promising does it?  But, I’ll do my best and keep you posted. x

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