Glamping – I have a dream…

Part of the joy of my small business is seeking inspiration for all things vintage, upcycled and environmental.  For anyone searching for similar, I can honestly say that a couple of my favourite days were recently spent attending the relatively new The Glamping Show which has just held its second annual event.  And it was just lovely!

A lucky chance discovery of last year’s show meant that it was definitely in the diary for this September.  The initial draw was to listen to Max McMurdo (upcycler-extraordinaire off the telly) whose ingenious and inspirational creations have encouraged and fuelled many  of my own ideas (albeit that mine are on a significantly smaller scale – I’m some way off converting shipping containers!).  But there was so much more to enjoy.  From shepherd huts and gypsy caravans to luxuriously styled six-berth safari tents, solar energy supplies and even discussions about waterless toilets, a dream has been born…

I now have serious aspirations, not just to go glamping but somehow to secure the land, investment and wherewithal to create my own site.  It may well be some way off but there were definitely seeds sown and food for thought from this great event.


Canonici di San Marco glamping site just outside Venice

So far, I may be reaching a little high with my initial investigations focussing on dreams of spectacular trips – purely for research purposes, obviously – with a favoured destination being the outrageously, beautiful Canonici di San Marco just outside Venice 

But it’s good to dream…


Adorable alpacas

Although if I’m honest, these guys from the Alpaca Alliance pretty much stole the show and my heart!

(The Glamping Show was held 22 – 24 September 2016 at NAEC, Stoneleigh Park)

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