The trouble with January…

The trouble with January is that I find it difficult to get motivated. I know it’s meant to be a time of girding the loins, setting forth and re-inventing the “new me” but to be honest, I find that the relentless autumn (which is what a UK winter really is)  begins to pale… but at least the days are getting longer!

And I am quite excited about a find I made in one of our local craft shops… cute little canvas and easel sets.  I’ve decided that they’ll make fantastic greeting cards – I’ve been so inspired by them that I even got round to making a five just today.

Mini canvas and easel

Mini canvas and easel - perfect personalised greeting cards

I’ve used acrylic paints and personalised them specifically. I love these – and challenge even the most art-averse person to mess up!  They’re dinky enough not to demand too much skill or be overwhelming but not so small that they don’t make an impact.

Simple pleasures…

Oh, and I updated the website… see, another thing ticked off the list (see and let me know what you think)… it’s like I’m taking January by storm!

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Creating a living from what I love - crafting and creating vintage inspired loveliness from anything recycled...
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